A LOW Overhead, HIGH Success Rate Franchise Opportunity To Explore TODAY!

A LOW Overhead, HIGH Success Rate Franchise Opportunity To Explore TODAY!

December 3, 2022 Off By manuelagcvh

Are you looking for a low cost franchise with unlimited potential? Hear Bethany Fox’s inspiring story of how British Swim School has changed her life.

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If you’ve watched any of my franchising videos or interviews, it’s no secret that I LOVE a low overhead franchise opportunity with unlimited earning potential. And because of that, I’m a big fan of British Swim School!

I had the opportunity to interview Bethany Fox, who, along with her husband, invested in two British Swim School territories at a pivotal moment in their lives, and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. Bethany shares about her background:

“My husband and I have worked in Corporate America for it seems like a million years. And we’ve always wanted to kind of branch out on our own. We enjoy working together and we started a family back in 2020 right before Covid hit. And I feel like Covid kind of pushed us into the direction that we needed. We didn’t have childcare. We needed to go back to work. And so it really just helped us kind of make that decision to do something for ourselves and not be on someone else’s time clock.”

I asked Bethany if it’s important to have a background in swimming to become a British Swim School franchisee:

“So I was in sales, going through school and then I just fell in love with the HR background. I’ve worked for a million different companies, and being in HR again, it just kind of gave me the viewpoint of what I wanted and what I wanted to do for other people. My husband and I, we didn’t have a swimming background. To come into a business where that’s the focus was just amazing that, you know, we didn’t need that background. You are literally given everything you need to be successful.”

You might assume that in order to teach private swim lessons, you need to have (or invest in constructing) a pool. Not the case! In the British Swim School franchise model, you identify pools in your community: at schools, community rec centers, etc., and rent the pools to use for your lessons.

Bethany shares that the flexibility is one her favorite things about being a franchise owner:

“Just being able to bring my children to the doctor without having to take sick time or worry about work getting done. I know I can work on whatever I need to on off hours and no one’s hounding me to do it. So just being able to really just be do the simplest things in life with my children and take care of them and be here and really just set my schedule and know that we are also building all of these amazing relationships with the families that are in our program. It’s just so nice that we’re kind of building that relationship with just so many different people and have that freedom to do what we want when we need to.”

If this sounds appealing to you, I’d love to work with you and help you determine if British Swim School could be a great fit for your franchise investment.

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