Business Problem Solving Model

Business Problem Solving Model

January 18, 2023 Off By manuelagcvh

In this video, we will explore the business problem solving model. Using the five steps of the business problem solving model, you can easily and effectively solve a business problem, systematically.

Problems are all around us. And, problem solving is central to our success in life and leadership. Every problem is unique, but the techniques for solving them don’t have to be reinvented each time you face a dilemma. Before we begin the task of identifying and solving problems, let’s take a moment to define some important terms.

Problem solving is the process of finding alternatives and applying the one best solution.
A problem is a complex issue needing to be overcome.
Alternatives are available possibilities to overcome a problem.
A solution is the best possible alternative to solve a problem.

Adopting a framework for problem solving will help you to meet the challenges your problems present. Problem solving has five basic steps:

Step 1: Discover: Identify the problem.
Step 2: Investigate: Gather information to define the problem.
Step 3: Brainstorm: Produce as many alternatives as possible.
Step 4: Implement: Put one best solution into effect.
Step 5: Review: Assess the effects of the solution.

So, how are problems solved? Using this framework, you can systematically approach the problems in your life and work.