CameraFTP Cloud Recording and Surveillance Service Pricing (Home/Business monitoring)

CameraFTP Cloud Recording and Surveillance Service Pricing (Home/Business monitoring)

January 9, 2023 Off By manuelagcvh is a leading cloud recording and surveillance service provider. It offers very broad features for business and home.
It supports most IP cameras and DVRs; you can even use a PC as a CCTV DVR system; no special cameras are required.

CameraFTP offers 4 types of recording plans: Image recording plans, video recording plans, time-lapse recording plans and local recording plans. We recommend trying the free service first before ordering a plan.

Image recording plans are designed for business or home monitoring. You can order one of the four listed plans, or click Customize to customize a plan based on your budget and quality requirements. It will display a Price-Calculator window. You can enter the number of cameras, select the max upload frequency, image resolution and retention days to find the price and the estimated upload bandwidth requirement.

Motion recording is recommended in most cases as it can lower your cost by 50%.

If you order yearly, you can save 2 months per year.

Image recording has the following advantages:
(a) Most IP cameras and DVRs support image recording. You can also use Smartphone/Tablet/Webcam as IP Camera.
(b) It supports low-cost plans that require little network bandwidth. If you don’t need high quality images at high frequency, then the price can be as low as $15/camera/year. It can work with a very slow network such as mobile data connection.
(c) It supports high resolution image recording, up to 28 mega pixel, much higher than the best video resolution. It can be used to monitor a very large area.

The disadvantages are: The recorded images can be played like video; but it has no audio and the frame rate is usually much lower than a video. Increasing the upload frequency will increase the cost dramatically.

Video recording plans are also designed for business or home monitoring. If your device supports video uploading, then a video recording plan is usually better.

You can order one of the four listed video recording plans. These plans are affordable and can meet your quality requirements in most cases. You can also click Customize to customize a plan. Unless you have a very special need, we don’t recommend selecting very high video resolution or frame rate. It may require huge amount of upload bandwidth exceeding your available upload bandwidth, and the cost can be very high.

Please compare the video quality and select a video resolution that can meet your requirements.

Please note: Not all camera brands or models can support video recording, e.g. Hikvision and Trendnet cameras cannot upload video clips via FTP/SMTP, but both can support image uploading. Old MJPEG IP cameras such as D-link 932 also cannot upload video. Please visit the supported cameras page for more info.

You can use CameraFTP VSS software on a PC, which can act as a DVR. It can display live cameras on the PC screen while also recording videos or images to the cloud.

You can also use a smartphone, tablet or Webcam as IP camera for video recording.

Time-lapse recording plans are unique to CameraFTP. They are designed for Recording high resolution images to the cloud at low upload frequency and very long retention time, e.g. 1 image per 15 minutes and up to 5 years of retention time. It is widely used for construction sites.

You can order one of the 4 listed time-lapse recording plans, or customize it based on your project requirements.

The recorded images can be played like video and be embedded in your own web page. You can also generate a time-lapse video with the recorded images.

Local Recording plans are designed for CameraFTP VSS software users only. VSS can use a PC as a CCTV DVR.

You need to order a local recording plan if you want to record footage to a local drive only. If you order a cloud recording plan, VSS can record footage to the cloud, and also to a local drive.

Local recording has the following advantages:
(a) VSS can display live cameras on your PC screen like a real CCTV system.
(b) You can record very high quality videos.
(c) Low cost.
(d) Better privacy.

The disadvantages are:
(a) You can not access any of our cloud features, not even the viewer app;
(b) Your computer could be stolen or destroyed, thus it is not as secure as cloud recording.

If you use VSS for recording TV shows, games, online classes or meetings, you can order a local recording plan. It can record high quality video at a very low price.

For more detailed info about CameraFTP plans and pricing, please visit and click Pricing.