Colocation vs Cloud Services in 2020 | Should You Use Cheap Colocation Services? | MSP Services

Colocation vs Cloud Services in 2020 | Should You Use Cheap Colocation Services? | MSP Services

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One of the most important considerations for a business to make is “Cloud or Colo?” “Cloud computing really took over the market place by storm about five years ago,” says Technology Solutions COO Robert Sutton. “It became a hot topic, a buzzword. The market started pushing for all things Cloud, whether or not it was a good idea, whether or not it was the best fit for an organization. What is best for your organization is dependent on what your organization is doing, the size of your organization, what your process workflows look like, and what your goals are for success.”


What is “The Cloud?”It may sound like a silly question to those who were raised on the internet, but the only bad question is the one left unasked. Basically, storing your data in The Cloud is simply keeping it on the internet as opposed to your personal computer. The information is still held in a hard drive in a physical location belonging to whatever Cloud based provider you work with, but you only have access to the online information, not to the physical storage device.

What is #Colocation and what’s the difference between colocation vs cloud

Colocation, or Colo, is the process of storing your information in a remote physical location and accessing it via Virtual Private Network (VPN). Just like with cloud storage, when you collocate you are restoring your data in a remote physical location belonging to a third party. Unlike the cloud, you are responsible for providing your own servers and maintaining them. According to Sutton, Cloud is good for either really small business or really large businesses. “100% exclusive cloud infrastructure makes sense if you’re a small business, you need one domain controller, one file server, you don’t do a lot of large video or image editing. That’s going to make sense. Put everything in the cloud, you can probably get away with that for a few hundred dollars a month.”Cloud based solutions are also a good choice for massive enterprises who don’t want to constantly be replacing hardware every time it cycles out of life expectancy, which is generally every three to five years. “If you’re a large organization that budgets infrastructure in the millions of dollars, you might be looking to avoid or offset that cost, in which case moving everything to the cloud makes sense.”
However, you really only see those returns on investment at a massive level. For the majority of businesses, the best solution is often either collocation or a hybrid solution.

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