Greg Nathan | SPEAK! SPARK Ep. 8 Franchise Speakers

Greg Nathan | SPEAK! SPARK Ep. 8 Franchise Speakers

October 17, 2022 Off By manuelagcvh

Give Your Support Office Team the Skills to Create Happy Franchisees with Greg Nathan |

Greg will be sharing a sampling of tools, tips and ideas designed to equip people in franchisor Support Office roles with important skills to enhance franchisee satisfaction.

While senior executives are often exposed to training on how to manage the franchise relationship, most Support Office staff are left to work things out for themselves. Not surprisingly, they can sometimes find themselves baffled at how to deal with demanding and stressed franchisees.

Even your most seasoned franchisor staff will come away with new insights and skills!

Participants will learn:
• What franchisees want from a franchisor

• The various stages of the franchisee lifecycle

• The psychology of healthy franchise relationships