How I Managed My Time as a Contractor With a Side Business #AskChuck Episode 1

How I Managed My Time as a Contractor With a Side Business #AskChuck Episode 1

January 22, 2023 Off By manuelagcvh

Welcome to my new Q&A series where I answer your comments regarding contractor business marketing and how to make more money as a contractor.

Drop your questions in the comments and I’ll include them in a future video!

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00:00 Intro
00:04 What search engines are people moving to?
00:44 How do I get out of an Angie Ads contract?
01:23 What do you think of CraftJack?
02:13 On Google Business Profile what does “views available soon” mean?
02:59 Should I put my home address in my Google Maps profile?
03:52 Are some contractor services doing better than others?
05:20 Where can I create my own website?
06:31 How to generate leads for a new carpet cleaning company?
07:46 How do you manage your time between videos, contracting, and marketing company?

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