Way We Do for Franchise and Multi-Location Businesses

Way We Do for Franchise and Multi-Location Businesses

November 30, 2022 Off By manuelagcvh

Are you a franchisor, franchisee or manager of a multi-location business?

Way We Do helps franchisors and multi-location business managers to create the model store or location through their documented operations manual and processes, create on-the-job-training modules and achieve repeatable outcomes by franchisees and employees with active workflows that prompt and track activities.

Turn dusty franchise operations manuals into a living system, that engages franchisees and employees to adopt proven practices that create repeatable results.

Way We Do’s Activated Checklists provides instructions and know-how to franchisees and employees when implementing tasks and processes. It is a perfect assistant to create consistency, reduce re-work and lower costs in day to day workflows.

Steps of the process are listed on the left hand side, while the instruction panel is displayed on the right. Automate recurring tasks and processes, and integrate with over 2,000+ web applications.

Used for workflows, training and reference guides, Way We Do helps you keep work on track and improves your organization, one step at a time.
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