World Wide Waste Season 1 Marathon

World Wide Waste Season 1 Marathon

January 23, 2023 Off By manuelagcvh

In a world filled with garbage, power plants run on rotten vegetables, plastic is made from avocado pits, and computer parts are a gold mine. These are the big ideas on how to tackle the 2 billion tons of trash people produce every year.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:26 Chopstick Furniture
00:06:05 Incense Flowers
00:10:58 Avocado Bioplastic
00:15:43 Algae Flip-Flops
00:22:55 Vegetable Biogas
00:28:16 Mushroom Styrofoam And Bacon
00:35:12 Banana Textiles
00:40:30 Bread Crumbler
00:45:44 E-Waste Gold
00:54:49 Pineapple Plates
00:58:49 Mushroom Coffin
01:04:34 Bottletop Handbags
01:09:28 H&M Recycling
01:18:09 Artificial Reefs
01:24:18 Ikea Furniture Waste
01:32:31 Recycling Mall
01:40:12 Algae Blooms
01:48:08 Credits

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World Wide Waste Season 1 Marathon